1. Alarm Clock
2. No More Coffee
3. Pachira
4. Off The Chart
5. Diversions
6. La Noire
7. The Meuse

Videoclip singles ‘No More Coffee’ & ‘Off The Chart’ available on the video page.

Download and pricing

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About the album

During the hot part of summer 2013, Munk! stayed at the cultural freezone Landbouwbelang in Maastricht (The Netherlands) for a week and recorded seven new tracks in the unique and inspiring studio Magnetophon. During the recordings we played with the whole band at once, to get the most musical results. All tracks are one-take-recordings, no edits where made when mixing the album.

Joost Koster – Alarm Clock, Diversions, La Noire & The Meuse
Dirk Waterval – No More Coffee, Pachira & Off The Chart

Album & video art: Dirk Hartog
Photo: Stephen Burch

Extra artwork available via download

The Magnetophon Sessions is produced with opensource and free multimedia software, most notably Ardour.

Recorded & mixed by Bart Brouns at Studio Magnetophon Maastricht www.magnetophon.nl


Released: October 6 2013
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0




Live recordings @SICS Jazzfestival (recorded with a hand recorder).
released 22 April 2013

Music by Munk!
Photo by Paulien Maarleveld
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0